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Stassfurt: Experience the 1,200 year old town of salt Stassfurt, known as a cradle of the potash mining, which offers many attractions. Visit the zoo or take a historical town tour and visit the museum of town and mining. TIP: The famous railway festival attracts many visitors to Stassfurt several times a year.

Magdeburg: The capital of Saxony-Anhalt is only 25 minutes away and is home to the famous Magdeburger dome. You can also visit the new and modern “Hundertwasser” house located in central Magdeburg. The cloister, museum and “Elbufer” are other noteworthy attractions worth visiting in Magdeburg.

Wernigerode: Visit the “colorful town in the Harz” which is located 45 minutes away from us. Enjoy the historical castle which overlooks the town or stop and see the famous city hall of Wernigerode in the center of the historical “Harz” town.

Quedlinburg: The world cultural heritage city of Quedlinburg in the “Harz” is only 25 minutes away from us. Visit the castle or you take a comfortable stroll in the town through the historical city center where you can admire many nice timber-framed houses.